hi buddies! My call is Saanvi and today’s topic is water. what is water? Ans. Water is a natural resource of Earth or we are able to say a source to stay on this planet however we waste water by throwing into the drains or on floor and leave it. Why is there any reason for it? We suppose that there is

trouble. Water is a present from Earth. So why waste? i have a few methods so you can shop atleast 1% of it.1. while brushing your enamel, close the faucet.2. Use bucket as opposed to taking a shower and you could use bathe atleast 1 time a yr.three. rather throwing water in drains, provide water to the flora.four. at the same time as washing tiles use as minimum water as

something in water so it’ll get grimy and uncleaned.i am hoping you will apprehend how much water is crucial in our lifestyles and when you’ll waste water, think twice that I ought to waste or not. Bye pals.ANSHIKA GUPTA, eco friendly, GAURIKA SHARMA, SARA SADH, AARNA SAXENA, DIVI KATARIA, LAIBA RIZVI ,classified adsPowered through wordads.cowe have received your record.thank you in your remarks!visible

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