Eco Friendly Gifts Ideas for Eco Conscious Travelers

As travelers, we like exploring our beautiful planet. With that comes the duty to try our fine with lowering any terrible consequences that we may additionally have with our actions. travelers are getting more and more eco conscious on the goods that they may be the usage of – following the course of an eco-conscious tourist. the good the usage of – following the course of an eco-conscious tourist. The good information is that there are so many merchandise designed with eco-conscious vacationers in thoughts. an increasing number of corporations are designing exceptional environmentally pleasant tour objects and add-ons to assist eco-conscious eco friendly gifts, travelers reduce their touring the world.

Whether or not it’s a Christmas gift, birthday gift, wedding ceremony present or farewell gift

We’ll help you discover the appropriate gift for the eco-conscious vacationer on your life! right here is the journey Dude’s teams favorite present thoughts for eco-aware travelers! Eco friendly items for all vacationers From recycled presents to sustainable and ethical items – beneath is a list of to sustainable and ethical items – beneath is a list of exquisite unique tour gifts for all eco-conscious vacationers. along with tour gifts for men and journey items for women. toiletries buying journey-size toiletries is so needless! some alternative toiletries to shop for encompass: Bamboo toothbrushes Scrubba wash bag Back packers or any traveler that is trying to percent mild will frequently wash their percent mild will frequently wash their clothes whilst visiting. The Scrubba Wash Bag is a useful object for doing laundry at the cross as it lets in you to clean your clothes quite a great deal anyplace you could discover water. Saving you on extra water use when doing laundry the conventional manner as well as pricey laundry prices in hotels.

Collapsible coffee mug and water bottle coffee enthusiasts will love getting a collapsible coffee mug. as
as well as pricey laundry prices in hotels. Collapsible coffee mug and water bottle coffee enthusiasts will love getting a collapsible coffee mug. as it’s collapsible, it doesn’t take in lots room when it’s not in use – making it extremely good for visiting! The equal with a collapsible water bottle. we adore the Stojo collapsible espresso mugs and espresso mugs and the CHICMODA collapsible/foldable water bottle. For eco-conscious travelers who often journey in regions with dangerous drinking water, bottles with a purification (now not just filtration) gadget can be a higher present option. famous options are Grayl and Life Straw. Reusable straws while increasingly more eating places and bars are ditching plastic straws way to the global #NoMoreStraws motion, it’s nevertheless a terrific idea to hold your personal reusable straws with you way to the global #NoMoreStraws motion, it’s nevertheless a terrific idea to hold your personal reusable straws with you at the same time as touring.

They’re top notch to whip out at the same time as sipping your Pina Coladas on the beach or for households traveling with youngsters. Take a look at out this 12-percent of Bamboo straws (home made in Bali and springs with a cleanser and pouch bag), or these this 12-percent of Bamboo straws (home made in Bali and springs with a cleanser and pouch bag), or these available collapsible reusable straws (in addition they come with a cleansing brush).Multipurpose tour towel fast-drying towels are a lifesaver whilst traveling. A brief-drying, antimicrobial towel manufactured from fibers like the Trespass an all-in-one alternative. This isn’t simplest handy even as visiting because it folds up truely small, however it also method much less washing that’s better for the planet. Reusable meals packing containers and cutlery In countries with a strong avenue food lifestyle, it is almost not possible to now not need to use one-time use takeaway baggage and bins. That’s if you don’t have your personal reusable boxes to instead use, of route.

The collapsible silicone takeaway baggage and bins.

That’s if you don’t have your personal reusable boxes to instead use, of route. The collapsible silicone meals bins from reuse it are incredible. We also love the silicone reusable food bags from Stasher – those are high-quality for packing snacks for a hike or lengthy bus experience. Takeaway containers regularly additionally come with plastic cutlery additionally come with plastic cutlery – which are each pretty useless and generally don’t get recycled well. Get your journey friends a hard and fast of reusable cutlery to carry with them on their travels. The light My fire Spork is a notable alternative, at the side of this bamboo cutlery set that rolls up right into a neat pouch (it even consists of a pair of chopsticks!) Reusable meals containers and rolls up right into a neat pouch (it even consists of a pair of chopsticks!)!Reusable meals containers and cutlery sun charger locating a way to hold your equipment charged may be a problem for vacationers on the street – mainly throughout long bus/educate rides or while trekking off the grid.

The Anker Power Port sun the energy from the solar to allow you to fee your gear. different solar charger options are from Insta park or aim 0.that is a top notch environmentally pleasant present for lively tourists spending a whole lot of time within the outside. A sun charger virtually is a present that continues on giving! Sustainable backpacks whether or not for staycations, day journeys while touring, backpacking treks, or to apply or not for staycations, day journeys while touring, backpacking treks, or to apply as deliver-on most effective luggage, finding a well-made and flexible backpack is important for plenty vacationers. Cotopaxi is one of the best groups out there that makes well-made backpacks and offers back with their poverty comfort challenge. Ethnotek is every other superb employer that specialize in maintaining culture alive by way of creating excessive superb employer that specialize in maintaining culture alive by way of creating excessive great laptop and travel baggage that characteristic ethically sourced home made textiles.

Shopping for considered one of their bags sustains employment for the art of hand printing, weaving and embroidery with their partnering artisan villages in Ghana, Guatemala, India, Indonesia and Vietnam. examine our submit at and Vietnam. examine our submit at the top practical and stylish daypacks for extra thought. Headphones If there’s one component that every one travelers want, it’s a couple of correct headphones. lengthy flights, bus rides and teach journeys are made a lot higher together with your very own jams gambling for your ears. The house of Marley headphones are made from recycled plastics, metals, and bamboo – it’s the proper sustainable gift. Eco pleasant Marley headphones are made from recycled plastics, metals, and bamboo – it’s the proper sustainable gift. Eco pleasant tour items for girls looking for the nice travel gifts for her? make sure they’re also !Menstrual cup With this reusable menstrual cup, ladies can have an environmentally friendly duration. additionally they make having your length even as travelling so much less difficult!

Women – get this type of travelling so much less difficult! women –

get this type of for yourself in addition to your woman journey buddies! at the same time as it may take a while to get used to, once you get the cling of it you gained it appearance lower back. Did you know that using a menstrual cup for 12 months can shop the waste of over 2 hundred disposable length merchandise? There are masses of cup for 12 months can shop the waste of over 2 hundred disposable length merchandise?! There are masses of various menstrual cups available on the market – seek thru the alternatives right here. Or, save time and check out the maximum famous ones, such as the Ruby Cup, Lunette or Diva Cup. For each Ruby Cup sold they donate a menstrual cup to someone they donate a menstrual cup to someone without get right of entry to to secure duration products. Reusable make-up wipes Disposable make-up wipes are a nightmare for the surroundings! They aren’t biodegradable and are also packed with nasty chemical compounds. those bamboo natural reusable makeup remover pads are a awesome alternative – plus, they arrive with non-latex make-up sponges. And in case your journeying bestie can’t go with non-latex make-up sponges. And in case your journeying bestie can’t go without wipes, then these face and frame wipes are a great ethical gift.

The Ode to smooth wipes are perfume, allergen, and toxin-unfastened and that they’re totally plant-based totally, biodegradable, and wind-strength synthetic. causes and studies present giving doesn’t always should be physical merchandise. another brilliant present idea for eco-aware tourists is the present of stories or donations to unique causes. Donate to an environmental motive another brilliant present idea for eco-aware tourists is the present of stories or donations to unique causes. Donate to an environmental motive that your buddy cares about – it is able to be a conservation mission, wildlife protection or environmental training and a substitute, book an eco-aware experience or enjoy anyplace their next trip goes to be. G Adventures has a strong recognition on accountable travel with many remarkable eco-conscious journeys around the next trip goes to be. G Adventures has a strong recognition on accountable travel with many remarkable eco-conscious journeys around the world. examine more about their projects here.

Intrepid journey is any other excursion operator with a robust responsible tour coverage – they provide many journeys round the sector. gift card alternatives are to be had for both G Adventures and Intrepid travel. We additionally love the concept behind the be had for both G Adventures and Intrepid travel. We additionally love the concept behind the Tinggly gift container! It allows the receiver to select between a big list of the most superb tour studies around the arena. From skydiving in Singapore to a horseback using journey in Puerto Rico! gift playing cards every other excellent idea is to provide present playing cards for on-line services in an effort to make idea is to provide present playing cards for on-line services in an effort to make your eco-aware traveler pal experience their travels extra.

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Should you use protein powder

Should You Use Protein Powder

vegan protein

There are many articles available that argue for and in opposition to protein powder. this will be very perplexing and somewhat overwhelming when simply starting into a fitness life-style.


So the query is should you use vegan protein powder? yes, and no is your solution.


What it comes down to is in case you are getting sufficient protein out of your meals already. the majority assume getting enough protein whilst working out is tough and time-consuming, whilst this can be difficult at busy instances, it’s miles do-capable.


For a mean adult body, it requires 0.eight grams of protein in step with 2.2 kilos. I weigh at the moment 128 kilos so i can must devour 46.48 grams of protein per day to keep my present day parent.


This amount adjustments primarily based on what weight you’re and what you propose on doing to improve your frame.


A leisure athletes (someone doing sports) will want a excessive consumption of one.1 to at least one.4 grams of protein in line with 2.2 kilos of frame weight to repair their muscles and construct energy through the years.


For aggressive athletes they want 1.2 to 1.four grams and those who’ve high endurance or extreme sports activities can need up to kilograms.


For athletes or ordinary people who are wanting to build muscle tissues need 1.five to two.0 grams consistent with 2.2 pounds of frame weight.

you may obtain your every day protein purpose by means of food if that is viable for you. it’s far actually unexpected how tons protein is in food. “One four-ounce hamburger includes 30 grams of protein, 6 oz. of tuna has forty grams, and a single ounce of cheddar cheese has 7 grams.”


If it’s miles hard to consume your protein goal in whole meals than protein powders are one of the nice options. i might advocate Whey protein due to the fact it’s miles milk primarily based and dissolves the excellent in liquid. if you are lactose-free there are plant based best vegan protein powder available, they are able to just be extra steeply-priced.

vegan protein powder

Now it comes down to the timing of the intake of your protein shake.

It has come to be a famous alternative that your have to has your protein shake at once after your workout because your body will soak up it quicker, so that you see those human beings chugging their shake and then you could tell that they may be getting a stomach ache right after. that is fine however now not necessary i might advocate that you eat your protein shake 30-45 minutes after your workout so your body and restore itself and gain electricity to your muscles.


on the give up of the day if you are becoming sufficient best tasting vegan protein powder and nutrients from complete meals you do no longer want protein powder.


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Earth day preparations a guide to eco friendly sustainable products

As Earth Day comes round on twenty second April, advertising groups sprinkle new ideas ineveryday their roundtable discussions, and those ideas will always consist of the perspective of corporate environmental duty (CER).

what’s corporate Environmental responsibility?

eco-friendly products

CER is a subset of company social responsibility (CSR), wherein organizations attempt dayeveryday society that they may be extra than just a emblem—additionally a benevolent medium thru which network can be supported. CER is essentially the manner wherein organizations espouse diverse environmental causes through eco-friendly products as sustainable practices.

This is the foundation on which a patron base is endorsed everyday accept as true with within the goodness of your logo, and on which each brand and consumer can build a greater responsible global. day-to-day will make small modifications of their  purchases primarily based on your new ideas.

Why choose  Promo merchandise?

CER discussions will continually veer dayeveryday  promotional merchandise i.e. physical products which have a smaller carbon footprint than the same old. these products can be imprinted with logo messaging, artwork, and symbols day-to-day allow long-time period mindshare within a network. Mindshare is valuable daily any brand in particular whilst tangibilized via products that make a visible difference.

The promo product recreation is particular in its ability daily goal several components of the network. it’s far your activity day-to-day understand the guidelines of the game so that your brand can stand out within the microcosm of your competition. here we take you thru numerous regulations every day keep in mind while you sell your emblem the use of  promo products.

#1 apprehend the consumer possibilities of Millennials & Gen Z

The two youngest earning generations are ones who’ve been brought up in a in large part obvious global with excessive internet penetration. Your brand will day-to-day cater day-to-day the options and, make no mistake, their possibilities might be characterized by a deeper consciousness of environmental troubles which have percolated mass media in the recent past. They expect sustainable practices from the manufacturers they buy from, and you’ll want every day remind them that your logo does its part thru reusable, recyclable, recycled, and biodegradable merchandise.

#2 realize the distinct varieties of  merchandise

extensively, there are 5 forms of  merchandise:

Reusable: these merchandise meet sustainability requirements day-to-day their durable nature improving on a disposable precursor of the product. for instance, metal straws enhance upon disposable plastic straws by way of lowering waste and growing shelf life. similarly, the repeated exposure of the product increases logo every day account of emblems and messaging.

Recyclable: these products meet sustainability requirements day-to-day them being capable of be recycled after disposal, as cloth for brand new products. puppy bottles are one such example that businesses can distribute at meetings and exchange suggests for a fast impact. you could even set up a disposal unit marked for recycling purposes everyday power domestic your factor.

Recycled: these products are manufactured from materials which have been recycled off previous recyclable products. as an instance, RPET backpacks are in part manufactured from puppy bottles within the above point! within the large photograph, this reduces wastage and raw material extraction, lowering carbon footprint daily an extent.

Renewable: A massive hassle with reference day-to-day sustainability practices inside the waste disposal of non-renewable materials which includes plastics. Plastics beget microplastics that pollute land, oceans, and freshwater assets, inflicting health issues in animals and human beings. Renewable products are foremost, because of their waste being biodegradable and compostable. Examples of those are jute bags, wheat straw sun shades, and bamboo cheese trays. not handiest do they reduce pollutants, but they reduce the use of dangerous plastic options.

lengthy-Lasting: those merchandise maximize emblem exposure through extended long shelf lives and additionally decrease waste, cloth, and charges. avoiding wastage is one of the prominent approaches of helping the surroundings, over recycling and reuse. a few BPA-unfastened chrome steel tumblers can last for as long as a decade, and this extracts the maximum brand advertising fee possible.

#3 Use virtual Channels daily Specify you Care

Your logo may be giving out promotional products in eco-friendly packaging for the benefit of your purchaser base and community, but how do  that they companion it with environmental responsibility?

some merchandise, at the same time as sustainable, are not continually marketed as such, and the overarching ‘take care of the Planet’ subject matter may work over the heads of your cusdayeveryday. daily ensure your audience knows you’re distributing  products—and why.

digital marketing channels solve this. right here are some ideas on how dayeveryday your internet site, social media channels, and more.

eco-friendly products

submit-How-To videos on the usage, renovation, and environmental effect of diverse products day-to-day create a sense of obligation amongst your target market. this may inspire them to use products in the maximum efficient way possible and it’s going to also decrease wastage.

maintain contests and quizzes themed on environmental topics leading up to Earth Day. Winners may be given free promotional products, a number of which we stated earlier than. begin a hashtag and convince recipients daily proportion selfies with their merchandise. to love/follow your page first before receiving their product.

Make a video severydayryboard or social media calendar themed on how companies and consumers can decrease the negative impact at the environment. speak all of the hyperlinks inside the consumerism chain—from production every day distribution, daily product lifespan, everyday waste—and the way human beings could make a distinction there.

Get feedback from your day-to-day. The first-class way day-to-day apprehend what kind of environmental messaging hooks goal audiences is to ask them approximately it. these can be facilitated via polls and feedback on social media, but they can also be petitioned for at exchange shows, enterprise meetings, and seminars. Ask your cusdayeveryday what promotional techniques made a distinction of their lives and what didn’t.


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The fantastic green present manual

The Fantastic Green Present Manual

The Fantastic Green Present Manual

This excursion season, add  and vegan garb for your desire listing! no longer handiest are those garments cool and secure, but they’re excellent for the surroundings and sort to animals. So what more should you need? here’s some of my favorites and things I’ve brought to my listing, too!

Eco-Friendly Clothing

Toms shoes

i’ve a couple of metallic eco-friendly gifts, vibrant Toms that I’ll admit, aren’t the of the vegan types, however i really like them regardless. They’re high-quality at ease, glitzy, and i will wear them with just about anything.

one of my preferred matters approximately Toms is the truth that they donate a pair of shoes to needy children while you purchase a couple of your personal. I always love businesses that assist others and the truth that I don’t must circulate a muscle (apart from pressing “upload to Cart”) to assist a person, too, is even better.

Their vegan series includes a wide variety of fellows’s, girls’s, and kids’s shoes. expect earth tones, animal print, muted plaids, and beachy prints. vibrant colored wrap boots are also provided under the vegan category, which can be splendid for the autumn and iciness months. Who doesn’t love a good pair of trainers?

Plus, I’ve visible Toms pop up anywhere recently, so jump on the Toms bandwagon, help a toddler get a couple of footwear he or she desires, and assist animals inside the technique.


The Herbivore clothing enterprise

To be honest, I’ve by no means heard of this organization before, but as I commenced surfing the internet site, The Herbivore garb enterprise has quite a few adorable and quirky merchandise perfect for vegetarian and vegans.

a lot of their shirts, hoodies, cardigans, and socks have snap shots and vegan sayings, similar to PETA, however they’re all clearly thrilling.

they have loads of exclusive baggage and handbags for sale that do not have portraits and appearance a bit bit extra expert for regular use. a number of their leather-based searching baggage would be brilliant for the season.

they have got one outsized “leather” tote with zippers and tassels in darkish and mild brown. A lovely, shiny pattern is on the fold-down flap to bring it in addition into the spring season. lovable!  The bags themselves are pretty easy, however think how appropriate they’re for the environment? selling for $45, costs are fairly in line for everything else you will have your eye on.


PETA offers a big selection of vegetarian and vegan merchandise. among eco-friendly clothing, calendars, books, and jewelry, i found some thing that everyone can use and gain from. Hate when you have to combat the produce luggage whilst you inventory the fridge? Me too. PETA sells a Veggie bed, a reusable tote with unique sections for veggies and fruits.

The Compassionate cook is a vegetarian cookbook is underneath the present phase. whether or not you want to get the PETA cookbook, there are many exceptional variations of vegetarian and vegan cookbooks and that they’re usually awesome to have because from time to time the thought of eating carrots and bread for each meal of every day can appear incredibly monotonous.

This one is especially for ladies, but it’s adorable. they are promoting a recycled aluminum bunny necklace that I realize I need!

if you’re purchasing locally, here is a list of a few vegan and vegetarian shops in Phoenix.

eco-friendly Clothing

Boutique Solie, originally at Scottsdale avenue and Shea avenue moving quickly to vital Phoenix, this boutique gives a diffusion of natural merchandise.

The Eco Sleep store on Ray avenue additionally has an online store with natural bedding.

Buffalo alternate has places around the united states. they’re a sort of a thrift keep with a antique appeal. no longer the whole lot is vegan, however it’s constantly amusing and efficient to recycle clothing.


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Sustainable Products and Packaging

Sustainable Products and Packaging

Eco-Friendly Packaging

Another examination says customers in North America, Asia and Europe need eco-friendly Packaging. Over 80% of study members said they felt it was “significant or critical” for organizations to plan ecologically cognizant items. Given nine businesses to choose from, 1 out of 4 respondents said they felt the synthetic business is the most un-worried about the climate.

77% of respondents said plastic was the least naturally mindful kind of bundling. Paper was considered the most earth safe material. 

Researchers around the planet concur that the planet’s environment requires quick activity to turn away calamity. As of late, the Breakthrough National Center for Climate Restoration in Melbourne, Australia, assessed that a “close to mid-term existential danger to human progress” could occur in the following 30 years if the issue isn’t tended to. As indicated by a new overview from Accenture, shoppers have effectively begun getting all the more ecologically cognizant with their buys with an end goal to do their part.

Over time of April, specialists studied 6,000 buyers in North America, Europe and Asia about their buying and utilization propensities for items bundled in various types of materials. Members were likewise gotten some information about how they reused constantly those materials.

As indicated by the information, which was reviewed at the American Chemistry Council (ACC) Annual Meeting recently, a developing number of purchasers consider the recyclability of an item alongside its quality and cost. Around 83% of respondents said they felt it was “significant or critical” that organizations plan their items to be all the more harmless to the ecosystem.

Alongside cost and quality, purchasers think about items’ ecological effect 

While the information recommends that more buyers are focusing on an item’s natural effect, specialists rushed to call attention to that reasonableness and quality were as yet the primary driving variables behind a larger part of buys.

Among respondents, 89% said they thought often the most about the nature of an item while picking an item to purchase, with value coming in at 84%. While buyers are more right than wrong to think about the monetary effect of an item, specialists said 49% refered to wellbeing and security and 37% refered to natural effect as elements they consider before buy.

Moreover, analysts said 72% of respondents detailed that they were effectively purchasing more harmless to the ecosystem items than they completed five years prior, while 81% said they expected to purchase much more throughout the following five years.

“The move in buyer purchasing, with more shoppers willing to pay extra for harmless to the ecosystem items, builds up the requirement for organizations to expand their responsibilities to mindful strategic approaches,” said Jessica Long, an overseeing chief at Accenture Strategy. “Organizations across ventures have begun to lead with reason, including accepting the roundabout economy as a more prominent chance to drive development and serious spryness.”

Shoppers stress over ecological effect of synthetic compounds and plastics

Notwithstanding shoppers’ developing familiarity with how their items are bundled, the review’s discoveries show that individuals are focusing on the alleged offenders behind the worldwide environment emergency.

Roughly 1 of every 4 respondents (26%) said they accept that, of the nine enterprises remembered for the overview, the synthetic business is the most un-stressed over its natural effect. Members additionally positioned the synthetic business least regarding conveying what its items mean for the climate, with 72% expressing they were “not certain or not sure by any stretch of the imagination.”

The compound business is viewed as a significant driver of reused and reusable materials around the globe. Plastics, broadly thought to be a significant worldwide contamination, are fabricated by a portion of the substance business’ greatest organizations.

“While a portion of the overview results are empowering, there are additionally suggestions for synthetic organizations, including the need to conquer negative purchaser feeling and to create supportable materials at a serious cost,” said Rachael Bartels, a senior overseeing chief at Accenture who drives its synthetics and normal assets practice. “The substance business is a basic empowering agent to the roundabout economy and can accelerate its reception, and the fact of the matter is the business should get before this now, or danger being abandoned by use of eco-friendly Products.”

Requested which from the bundling materials generally utilized today is the least harmless to the ecosystem, 77% of respondents said plastic. Paper was viewed as the most harmless to the ecosystem by 55% of members.

In the event that the synthetic business can meet people’s high expectations, ACC authorities gauges that the recyclable idea of plastics could make 38,500 new openings and add billions of dollars to the U.S. economy. It could do that, authorities said, by “extending the utilization of pyrolysis and other progressed plastic reusing advancements.”


About VSC

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Changing to eco friendly products


Compostable Coffee Pods

Blue Goose Eco Compostable espresso units for the espresso machine, which just warms the measure of water you need (better than a pot), and just uses a modest quantity of espresso to make a serious flavor (less espresso than a cafetiere). At that point the cases go in the food squander for fertilizing the soil and they’re conveyed by the milkman!

Refillable Glass Bottles 

Shelley likewise buys bigger top off containers of hand wash and shower gel, to top up more modest individual jugs.

Eco Friendly products


Shelley quit utilizing clothing cleanser and changed to Laundry Egg, which has demonstrated to be a lot less expensive, yet it implies no enormous plastic containers, and no synthetic compounds going down the channel by the same token!

Biodegradeable Bin Bags

These canister liners are produced using corn starch so are 100% biodegradable and compostable, implying that when they are discarded they will before long vanish giving up no sections or hint of their reality.

Refillable Shaving Foam

Without plastic shaving froth in refillable aluminum tins that are intended for a lifetime, not single-use and are Vegan and Vegetarian friendly. As aluminum can be interminably reused it is a greatly improved material to use for bundling.

Reused Toilet Paper

Who gives a poop loo move offer woods friendly tissue, 100% bamboo paper and 100% reused tissue rolls, however what’s shockingly better is that they give half of their benefits to help construct latrines and improve sterilization in the creating scene!

Veggie lover Produce 

This online grocery store offers a fantastic scope of more than 5,000 veggie lover and pitilessness free products.

Biodegradable Wipes 

Utilizing wipes made of regular strands and that are totally liberated from plastic methods they will decompose surprisingly fast.

No More Clingfilm 

As cling wrap contaminates the planet, is just single-utilize and can take around 2 years to decompose, the utilization of silicon stretchy reusable tops make a fabulous option in contrast to clingfilm. Or then again even beeswax material can be utilized to wrap food. They self-seal, are without plastic and are reasonable for use in the cooler or cooler.

Recyclable Toothbrush Heads 

These rotating brush heads are vegetarian friendly and produced using manageable materials in an offer to help tackle plastic contamination. They can be returned after use in a paid ahead of time compostable pocket.

No Plastic Packaging 

The products at Ethique have no plastic bundling by any means, are ocean freighted to decrease carbon impression and a tree is planted with each request! They have such a great amount to bring to the table, including cleanser, conditioner, face cream and scours, all in strong bars.

Practical Toothcare Products 

Georganics offer tooth care products that are practical, including mouthwash tablets, toothpaste in a container, bamboo toothbrushes, charcoal floss – and all without plastic bundling!!


Regular Cleaning Products 

Color has made superior, non-harmful cleaning products that are totally protected to use around the whole family. With no unforgiving synthetics. All cleaners are 100% regular, made with fundamental oils, plant concentrates and plant-based actives.

Thus, all things considered, eco-friendly products are an incredible substitution to plastics to help free inefficient, single-use things and they are more sturdy, reusable, less harmful, less asset escalated, and more secure for the climate.

By rolling out a positive improvement and settling on harmless to the ecosystem choices we are on the whole adding to ensuring the planet and the fate of our youngsters – We need to have a green effect!


About VSC

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IT/ITES Companies in Vizag Smart City registered a turnover of ₹ 2000 crore approximately during the Financial Year 2015-16. We should try to achieve a turnover of ₹ 10000 crore and also to increase the number of IT employees from the present 19000 to 1 lakh by the end of Fiscal Year 2018-19.

Brand Vizag IT Hub – IT Sector needs further push in Vizag Smart City – The city which registered increase in IT/ITES turnover from Rs. 1800 crores to Rs. 2000 crores during the financial year 2015-16 needs further push to increase the turnover to Rs. 10000 crore by 2019-20 FY. Visakhapatnam has prominent IT players such as Wipro, Tech Mahindra, HSBC, Concentrix, IBM and Cyient.

Development of Mega IT hub at Madhurawada IT Park Hill No. 1 & IT SEZ Hill nos. 2 & 3 and Non IT SEZ part of Hill No.2 by providing infrastructure facilities like Roads, Lighting, Water, Public Transportation, Restaurants, Broadband connectivity and mobile technologies, Innovation, Entrepreneurship, startups and online digital courses etc.

Visakhapatnam is well positioned to boost growth in the IT/ITES sector in the state of Andhra Pradesh. Also key challenge is Social infrastructure, largely to do with good international Schools for children of IT employees, world class Health care services, Transportation facilities and Social / Night life like Pubs, 24/7 Restaurants & Bars, Casinos.

Visakhapatnam city is having good reputed International Schools, Colleges, Universities, Super speciality Hospitals, BRTS roads and also Metro rail project is under progress, one of the metro corridor is Madhurawada (which is very nearer to IT SEZ) to Gajuwaka. The city has beautiful beaches, lush-green hills and engineering and management colleges producing a large pool of talented manpower to meet all the requirements to attract investments. National & International Air connectivity, Rail connectivity to major cities in India, Housing apartments, Gated communities, Villas, long Sea Coast from Coastal Battery to Bheemili, Tourist places, good Hotels.

21.10.2016 : Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu on Thursday said 40 IT companies being established by USA-based NRIs in the city would provide jobs to 2,000 local youth. Speaking at a meeting here organised by AP Non-Resident Telugu Society in connection with launching of work by four IT companies from the USA with employment to 300 locals, he said he was building a comprehensive ecosystem to transform Vizag into a prominent IT hub. He said Visakhapatnam had huge potential for employment in big data, cloud computing, data analytics and startups. Innovation and creative ideas would convert the startups into successful business ventures.

27.07.2016 : HyperCat launches operations in Vizag – In a big boost to efforts to improve the startup ecosystem, the U.K.-based consortium, HyperCat, has launched its operations in Visakhapatnam. HyperCat entered into an agreement with Silicon Coast Foundation, the registered not-for-profit organisation managing Startup Moksha at Rushikonda IT SEZ, to manage HyperCat incubator in India, with offices in Hyderabad and Visakhapatnam.

19.07.2016 : IT industry body NASSCOM’s startup warehouse is all set to be operational at Sunrise Startup Village here by month-end. As part of 10,000 startup programme of NASSCOM to create a vibrant startup ecosystem to nurture technology enterprises, the premier IT industry organisation had inked MoU with Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu in March to include Visakhapatnam for the warehouse. NASSCOM has almost short-listed six teams for grooming and incubation at the warehouse where 5,000 sft has been allotted to it.

Oracle India officials have shown interest in acquiring a suitable site to set up a development centre on the beachfront.

Global networking major Cisco, which will become a key partner to develop Vizag as a smart city, is expected to seek a site for opening its campus.

The Incubation Park at Rushikonda would be expanded from 17,500 sft to 50,000 sft by December, 2016 to put the city on global startup map.

To spread sunrise civilisation-based Sunrise State, the USP of Navya AP, it has been proposed to develop Signature Campuses.

The headquarters of Electronics and IT Agency will also be located in the city.

Wipro has already obtained permission to expand at its existing campus with SEZ status.

Tech Mahindra has acquired 10 acres at Rushikonda to develop its second campus.

Out of 50,000 sft space in the Vizag Incubator Tower at Madhurawada IT SEZ, Mob Mee has taken up 15,000 sft while Govind Capital, Singapore based pilot incubator acquired 2,500 sft and has now six start-ups working in the facility. The Vizag facility is named as Technology, Research and Innovation Park.

Concentrix plans to double its workforce. Concentrix Corporation, which opened its second facility in Visakhapatnam will double its workforce by creating 1000 new jobs in business process management (BPM).

Brand Vizag will get a shot in the arm with the State government allotting two acres at sea-facing Rushikonda here to Massachusetts Institute of Technology to set up a Super Fab Lab. Land allotted to Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to set up a Super Fab Lab with a promise that it will generate employment opportunities to locals. Fab labs are set up as part of outreach component of MIT. A technical prototype platform to encourage budding entrepreneurs. Offers a wide array of digital fabrication. Work on the project to start in a couple of months. 40 firms from US evince interest in locating their units in Vizag Smart City.

24.02.2016 : Vizag Smart City to get Centre for Cloud Computing to give a boost to startup culture. With Visakhapatnam turning into a startup hub of Navya Andhra Pradesh, the Union Government has decided in-principle to set up Centre for Cloud Computing in the city. Under Prime Minister s Narendra Modis Standup Startups programme, encouragement to shared processes and data through internet has been identified as a focus area. A proposal to this effect has been made and the Centre is favourable for setting up of Centre for Cloud Computing to help startups and other small ventures with software and other common facilities through cloud said M.P. Dubey, Joint Director, Software Technology Parks of India.

01.03.2016 : For startups, no income tax for three years in any of the first five years is a very good initiative. It will lead to more investment in startups by angel investors and others, chief patron of Startup Moksha O. Naresh Kumar said. Startup Weekend member and COO & CFO of E2P Enterprises Sayan Ganguly said the announcement on tax holiday would encourage more students to try their luck with their entrepreneurial talent. He said already there was a lot of enthusiasm to launch startups.

16.03.2016 : Nasscom president R Chandrasekhar exchanging MoU on Vizag start-up warehouse with AP IT Minister Palle Raghunatha Reddy in presence of AP Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu in Hyderabad on Tuesday. The centre is expected to be the place where technology entrepreneurs with innovative ideas will be nurtured, mentored as well as funded by venture capitalists and investors, for initiating Nasscom 10K activities at Sunrise Tower Vizag.

18.03.2016 : Global IT giant Cisco has announced setting up of Internet of Things (IoE) Innovation Centre in Visakhapatnam. The decisions were disclosed after Cisco Executive Director John Chambers, President (Asia Pacific & Japan) Irving Tan, and President (India & SAARC) Dinesh Malkani held talks with Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu here on Thursday in connection with launching of Andhra Pradesh Fiber Grid.

24.03.2016 : 1-Stop Digi Center in Vizag Smart City. The Digital Seva Kendra (DSK) will be established by the Department of Electronics and Information Technology (DeITY). Public can know of State schemes, hospitals, fill an RTI form, information on availability of jobs in local bodies, information available for BPL card holders, Info on how to accomplish work through local bodies.

05.04.2016 : Tech Mahindra CEO, Mr. C P Gurnani, during his meeting with Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister,Mr. N Chandrababu Naidu here on Monday, agreed to facilitate employment to 1,000 persons at Tech Mahindra’s facility in Visakhapatnam.

13.04.2016 : 100 small, medium and large enterprises based in the city, out of them 80 per cent are in business process management (BPM) and knowledge process management (KPM) activity. Major players include Wipro, Tech Mahindra and IBM in software development field and HSBC, Patra, Concentrix and WNS are in KPM.

CM, Mr. Chandrababu Naidu inaugurated the Fintech Tower at Hill No.2, IT SEZ Madhurawada on 17.12.2016.

The FinTech Tower is having a built-up space of about one Lakh square feet. This gigantic construction is going to host firms like Paytm, GMS solutions, Block Trust etc. The FinTech tower is going to provide employment to a good number of people.

Allotment of space in the first floor is over. In two more floors, interior work will be made as per the requirement of companies starting operations along with co-working space for startups. The startups that have been allotted space include Paytm, which will create jobs for 200 people, and Block Trust, GMS Solutions, Knolskape, and Transaction Analysts – each providing 15 to 20 jobs.

Bid due date is over on 07.12.2015 for submission of Request for Proposal (RFP), after that no news from APIIC regarding finalization of developer.

Government has to speed up the bidding process for construction of Iconic Building – Signature Tower at Madhurawada IT SEZ, which is very important for development of IT in Visakhapatnam and the foundation stone to be laid.

Andhra Pradesh Industrial Infrastructure Corporation (APIIC) invited Request for Proposal (RFP) for development of Signature Tower at Madhurawada in Vizag Smart City on Public – Private Partnership (PPP) basis.

22.10.2016 – Construction Work of Millennium Tower at Hill No. 3, IT SEZ, Madhurawada is going at full swing for getting ready by August 2017.

10.09.2016 – Work begins for Millennium Tower at Hill No. 3 in IT SEZ, Madhurawada. The APIIC had set a target to complete the works of the tower by August, 2017. In the first phase, around 2 lakh sft space will be available to allot for IT companies and subsequently in the next phase, another 1 lakh sft will be added to the Millennium Tower.

APIIC has invited an e-tender for the construction of Millennium Tower at Plot No. 16 & 17 (in 4 acres) at Hill No.3, IT SEZ, Madhurawada. Approximate value of the tender is 86.80 crore and the period of the work is 15 months and the last date of tender submission is 23.04.2016.

18.03.2016 : According to an IT department official, the Millenium Tower project at Hill 3 in Rushikonda will provide around 3 lakh sft to companies planning to set up offices in the Port City. “The Millenium Tower will be built on Plot No 16 and 17 of Hill 3 and it will be a government-constructed building for IT companies. This will be a permanent tower and is meant for IT companies focussing on Vizag as an IT destination,” the official said, adding that the Andhra Pradesh Industrial Infrastructure Corporation (APIIC) has prepared the request for proposal from interested parties for construction of the building.

The IT Department will have five floor tower to be named Millennium Tower with three lakh sft space that will come up in a four-acre land adjacent to the Madhurawada IT SEZ Incubation Tower. The first two floors will be for start-up units and the rest of three floors will be allotted for companies.

In the presence of the Union IT, Electronics and Communications Minister, Mr. Ravi Shankar Prasad, Chiief Minister, Mr. Chandrabau Naidu and Union Urban Development Minister Mr. M. Venkaiah Naidu, a memorandum of understanding was signed on 18.02.2016 for setting up an IT incubation centre at Siripuram Junction in Vizag Smart City jointly by the Visakhapatnam Urban Development Authority (VUDA) and the Software Technology Park of India (STPI) at a total cost of Rs. 62.70 crore. The VUDA would provide the land valued at Rs. 16.7 crore free of cost and the STPI would bear the rest of the cost (Rs 46 crores). The IT incubation centre, expected to be ready by April 2018, is projected to provide jobs to 2,500 and achieve IT exports of Rs. 300 crore. Roughly, 50 small IT units may come up in the centre.

Preliminary work to be commenced for construction of Tallest IT tower consists of 10 to 12 floors  in an area of 1.2 acres at Siripuram between VUDA and HSBC, the joint venture project of Visakhapatnam Urban Development Authority  and Software Technology Parks of India (Ministry of Information Technology).  This huge tower in the heart of the city to provide more space to the IT entrepreneurs and startups. This tower is first of its kind domain-specific incubation and innovation center on marine, power and petroleum to encourage small and medium IT players and Startups.

VUDA bids for IT Tower project – 12 Storied Building – Incubation and Innovation centre with plug and play facilities. VUDA had come forward offering its one acre land adjacent to its near Siripuram (beside HSBC) where around 1.25 lakh sft space building is planned. An MOU in this regard will be signed between    VUDA and STPI after the consultant submit its report.After the techno feasibility report is submitted, the consultant will finalise the design and modalities of the incubation centre.  Sources in State IT department pointed out that it will be a 12 storied building. The Software Technology Parks of India (STPI) is planning to develop an ESDM (Electronic System Design and Manufacturing) incubation centre with the assistance of the central government in the Port City.

03.03.2016 : Information Technology Investment Region (ITIR) in Vizag Smart City. Once ITIR is sanctioned, the development of the city as a prominent IT hub would have got shot in the arm with pumping in of Rs.5,000 crore to create the required ecosystem. As the Ministry of IT and Communications will revise its policy, the DPR submitted by Ernst & Young couple of years ago may become redundant now. The State government is likely to be forced to submit a fresh proposal for sanction of IT Investment Region in Visakhapatnam with the Centre deciding to have a re-look at the ITIR policy.

The State Government has submitted the proposal to the Centre after Ernst and Young conducted a detailed project report. ITIR in Visakhapatnam is envisaged in 40.4 sq. km with an estimated investment of Rs.50,000 crore to Rs.60,000 crore in phases to create direct jobs to nine lakh persons. Startups, hardware manufacturing and software development with social infrastructure.

10.09.2016 – IT Park layout okayed at Kapulauppada in Vizag. APIIC has finalised the layout pattern of the IT Park proposed at Kapulauppada. In the first phase, development will be done in 250 acres of the total 1750 acres of land available at Kapulauppada.

Andhra Pradesh Industrial Infrastructure Corporation (APIIC) invited Request for Proposal (RFP) for preparation of master plan for development of Integrated IT township at Kapulauppada – consultant to be appointed for preparation of master plan.

The proposed  IT Tower is at the Visakhapatnam Special Economic Zone (VSEZ) premises in Duvvada.  Union minister for commerce and industry Ms. Nirmala Sitharaman  laid the foundation stone for the tower in August, 2014, which is expected to cost around Rs 40 crore.

The IT tower was to come up over 2.5 acres with a plinth area of 1.09 lakh sft with plug and play facilities for IT firms along with two floors set aside exclusively for data recovery centres.

03.07.2016 : Site finalised for Electronic Manufacturing Clusters (EMC) in Vizag Smart City – APIIC has finalised its location at Gurammapalem near Pendurthy and AP Pollution Control Board has also cleared it.An estimated Rs. 300 crore will be spent on creating internal roads, other amenities and infrastructure will be spent. Part of it will be granted by DeitY. In another development, instead of 98 acres, an additional area of 30 acres is likely to be allotted to seek investments in high-end IT products and services.

Land identified at Gurrampalem near Pendurthi in the city for development of EHMC.

We need to get clarification as to who will fund the infrastructure development for the EHMC. As soon as the clearance is issued from the government, we will take up the development of the cluster by providing roads, power, water and other necessary infrastructure, said an APIIC official.The in-principle clearance was received a month ago. We have to prepare the final project report and send it to the central government. Once we get the final clearances, we will divide the clusters into plots and offer it to different electronic companies, a senior IT department official said, adding, A couple of companies have shown interest in the cluster, but it may increase as and when the cluster is formally announced. An IT department official said, We can invite the companies to come and set up shop only after the central government declares the cluster. As and when the central government approves the cluster, it will also provide large funding for development of infrastructure for the EHMC.

APIIC invites Request for Proposal (RFP) for Selection of Consultant for preparation of Detailed Project Report for the proposed Greenfield Electronic Hardware Manufacturing Cluster (EHMC) at Gurrampalem near Pendurthy in Vizag Smart City. The due date for submitting the proposal is over on 15.02.2016.

SAMEER, a Central Government Organisation is going to set up at Gambheeram near Madhurawada, in an area of 30 acres.

Union IT, Electronics and Communications Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad laid the foundation stone on 18.02.2016 for the Society for Applied Microwave Electronics Engineering and Research (SAMEER) centre to be set up at Gambheeram in Vizag Smart City in an area of 30 acres at a cost of Rs. 80 crore. It is a research institute under my ministry which undertakes high-end research in electro-magnetic interference and related areas and such research has many defence as well as civilian applications.

The construction work on the Centre for Electromagnetic Environmental Effects (E3) being set up by Society for Applied Microwave Electronics Engineering & Research (SAMEER) has been launched at Gambheeram on 24.05.2016.

‘BRAND VIZAG IT’ image is required to attract the following major IT Companies in the World, to set up their offices in Vizag Smart City

  • Microsoft
  • Google
  • Oracle
  • TCS
  • Infosys
  • HCL Technologies
  • Amadeus IT holdings
  • CA Technologies
  • Intuit Inc
  • Adobe Systems
  • Symantec
  • VMware Inc
  • HP
  • Dell
  • Accenture
  • SAP AG
  • CapGemini
  • Cisco
  • Cognizant Technology

NASSCOM Startup Companies at Incubation Tower, Hill No.3, IT SEZ, Madhurawada.


    Milon Studios

    The Corporate World



Acclaris Business Solutions +91-891-2787323 Mob: +91-8773332020
ACN Infotech (India) Private Limited +91-891-2541522, 3253095
Amzur Technologies (I) Private Limited +91-891-6451882
BlueFrog Mobile Technologies private limited +91-891-3293209 [email protected]
Cambridge Systems (India) Pvt.Ltd. +91-891-2755414 / 2749334 [email protected]
Cyient Limited +91-891-6693100
Concentrix Daksh Services Pvt.Ltd. [email protected]
Corporate learning +91-9000588800
Clove Technologies. [email protected]
Datasoft Comnet +91 891 2726942 [email protected]
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F9 Info Technologies (P) Ltd. +91 – 9963556668 [email protected],
Hypergrowth Solutions [email protected]
HSBC Group Service Center
Icentris Software Development Private Limited +91-891-2555514 [email protected],
IIC Technologies
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Influx Technologies (P) Ltd +91-9849149293
Inspiredge IT solutions Pvt.Ltd. +91-8688888458 [email protected]
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Maple Software Pvt.Ltd. +91-891-6539231 [email protected]
Miracle Software Systems Inc – Miracle Heights +91-891-6696634 [email protected]
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Neha Technologies
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NuNet Technologies +91-891-2529052 [email protected]
OpenLogix Software Solutions Pvt Ltd. +91-9618321149 [email protected]
Patra India BPO services +91-7702955914 [email protected]
Pena4 Tech Solutions India Private Limited +91-891-2513831/2513841 [email protected]
Phoenix IT Solutions Ltd. +91-891-2500000 / 6600999 [email protected]
Pinion Services.
Precistat IT solutions +91-891-2536988
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WNS +91-9059673388
Xpertech +91-891-6588122
Xinthe Technologies Pvt.Ltd +91-891-2767872 [email protected]

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Vizag has the long sea coast from Coastal Battery to Bheemili Beach road (approximately 35 kms).

Tourist spots: Araku valley, Padmarao gardens, Borra caves, Katiki waterfalls, Ananthagiri Hills, Tyda jungle bells, Dallpally, Chaparai waterfalls, Kothapalli waterfalls, Matsyagundam, Modakondamma padalu, Minumuluru, Lambasingi. Punyagiri, Devipuram. Light house and Kanaka durga temple at Dolphins nose Hill.   Yarada beach, Gangavaram beach, Appikonda Beach, Revupolavaram Beach. Bojjanna Konda, Sankaram buddhist place. VUDA City Central Park, Shivaji Park, Indira Gandhi Zoological Park, Kambalakonda Eco-Tourism park. Mudarsarlova Park, Simhachalam Temple. Gokul Park, Childrens Park, RK beach, Matyadarshini Aquarium, Submarine Museum, Visakha Museum, Vuda Park, Lawsons bay beach, Lumbini park, VUDA Health Arena at foot hills of kailasagiri, Tenneti park, Kailasagiri, Telugu museum atop kailasagiri, Sagarnagar beach, Yendada Beach, Rushikonda Beach, Bavikonda buddhist heritage site, Thotla konda buddhist complex, Thotlakonda Beach, Mangamaripeta Beach, Red sand dunes, Bheemili beach, Bheemili Light house, Pavurala Konda buddhist place.

Government should try to provide more facilities and also develop the above tourist places, which will increase the number of tourists to the Visakhapatnam Smart City and also increase the revenue in the tourism sector.

Vizag Smart City attracted 1.15 crore Tourists during the year 2015, out of this around 1.14 crore Domestic and 69,483 Foreign Tourists. To attract more number of toursts, Sea Tourism, Heli Tourism, Seaplane Tourism can be introduced.

Cultural programmes like Kacheris – traditional singing,   Cinema Music, Traditional dances, Exhibition of products manufactured in our villages like Etikoppaka toys, Magic programs etc to be conducted on every Saturday/Sunday at beach road to attract tourists.

For Attracting the International/National tourists,  Government should give licenses to run Casinos offshore / onshore, Pubs, 24 hours running Hotels, Restaurants & Bars and also the Tourism department should develop beaches in Vizag Smart City by providing facilities such as beach side Chairs, Restaurants and also Para-sailing, Water sports etc.

Vizag also needs an amusement park or water park.  That a city of 20 lakh population with tourist arrivals of 80-90 lakhs per annum should have an amusement park and water-theemed parks.

Every tourism spot needs to have basic facilities such as public toilets and drinking water and also need to interconnect tourism spots by special buses.

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Visakhapatnam Smart City

22.11.2016 – Smart city plans getting ready – Request for Proposals for various smart city projects for implementation in the area-based development (ABD) approach will be called soon, Municipal Commissioner M. Hari Narayanan has said. The proposals would include smart schools, 24×7 water supply public toilets, cycling tracks, bus stops and footpaths, he told reporters in an interaction here on 21.11.2016. GVMC has selected an area of around 1700 sq km for development as a part of the smart city project.

Signature Towers @ Hill No.3, IT SEZ

IT Incubation Tower @ Siripuram

Balaji Drive in Cinema – stblcineworld

Parasailing at Saagarnagar Beach

Speed Boating at Rushikonda Beach

Inox Cinemas – CMR Central, Varun Beach and Chitralaya Mall & Mukta A2 Cinemas – Visakhapatnam Central

For online ticket bookings visit or and for Tele Booking contact Tel.No. 2555100.

For online ticket bookings visit or and for Tele Booking contact Tel.No. 2707007.

12.12.2016: VIMS Director clears the air on privatisation. Plan to make the hospital autonomous on the lines of NIMS and SVIMS. Ever since the foundation stone for the Visakha Institute of Medical Sciences (VIMS) was laid by the then Chief Minister of united Andhra Pradesh Y.S. Rajasekhara Reddy, the institute has been mired in one controversy or the other. Read more The Hindu e-paper article published on December 12, 2016.

11.12.2016: Week-long A.U. alumni fete begins. HRD Minister Ganta Srinivasa Rao on Saturday inaugurated the week-long Andhra University Alumni Meet celebrations. Inaugurating the celebrations, Mr.Srinivasa Rao called upon the old students of the university to come forward and support their alma mater to help develop it into a world class university. Read more The Hindu e-paper article published on December 11, 2016.

10.12.2016: CM to inaugurate VUDA Children Theatre. It can accommodate 1,000 people, says Baburao Naidu. Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu will inaugurate VUDA Children Theatre on December 17. Minister for HRD Ganta Srinivasa Rao, after a visit to the theatre at Siripuram here on Friday, accompanied by VUDA Vice-Chairman T. Baburao Naidu, said the theatre was constructed at a cost of Rs.22 crore. It can accommodate 400 persons on the ground floor and 600 on the first floor. He complemented the VUDA for its completion of the Central Park, Telugu Heritage Centre atop Kailasagiri, and Health Arena providing various amenities to people. Read more The Hindu e-paper article published on December 10, 2016.

09.12.2016: Samata Express renamed to promote brand Vizag Steel. Railway Minister flags off the train. The Rashtriya Ispat Nigam Limited (RINL), corporate entity of the Visakhapatnam Steel Plant, has chosen the Visakhapatnam-bound Samata Express to promote its brand Vizag Steel. The Vizag Steel Samta Express has been emblazoned with eye-catching Vizag Steel promotional visuals across its entire length. Read more The Hindu e-paper article published on December 9, 2016.

08.12.2016: CM likely to inaugurate FinTech Tower on Dec 17. One lakh square ft of area will be allotted to leading players. A building acquired from an IT company on rent by the State government at Cyber Valley of Rushikonda in the city is named as FinTech (financial technology) Tower. Read more The Hindu e-paper article published on December 8, 2016.

07.12.2016: The second edition of the CII Partnership Summit with focus on ‘Sunrise Andhra Pradesh’ will be hosted here in association with the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion under the Ministry of Commerce and the State Economic Development Board on January 27 and 28. Read more The Hindu e-paper article published on December 7, 2016.

Pending Policy Decisions

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